Leaning toward pop but never without a big rock force beneath — songs that stick in your subconscious
— Austin American-Statesman
fuck, this is good
— Maximum Rocknroll

Austin, TX’s Sweet Talk were formed in 2011 after Stephen Svacina (Uptown Bums, Ex-Mind Spiders) moved from the college town of Denton, TX to the insanely bright, LED condo lights of the Live Music Capital of the World. He wasn’t in Austin long before finding Indiana transplant/guitar virtuoso Mitch Fraizer (Church Shoes, Shawn McMillen Band, Loteria), sleeping on his couch and talking non-stop about vintage guitars and ICP. Naturally, two soon bonded over their love of the Kinks, 70s classic rock, early 80s power pop, and began work on a new project. 

Working on the material that Svacina had written and recorded before leaving Denton, the two enlisted the rhythm section of fellow former Dentonites Harpal Assi (Wiccans, VIDEO) and Troy Tabner (Uptown Bums, Ex- Pharaohs)and in early 2013 released their debut album "Pickup Lines" on 12XU to near universal acclaim. Just six months later, they partnered up with The Marked Men’s Cool Devices Studio and recorded the “Flash of Light” EP (also on 12XU) with Marley Jones (OBNIIIs, ex- Jonly Bonly)replacing Tabner on drums. 

In between they did a few jaunts through the United States, appeared on Paul Bruno’s “Serious Rockers” compilation, played numerous festivals, and appeared live on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. The end of 2013 prompted a well deserved break for Sweet Talk (but not for the dudes, with members spending the rest of the year touring with various "other" modern rock bands such OBN IIIs, Church Shoes, and Radioactivity) 

The first part of 2014 saw the bands's original drummer Troy Tabner return to the fold and well as young blood Jordan Rivell stepping in to take over bass duties. After months of rehearsal, Sweet Talk began work on their second full  length “Double Perfect”, due out on 12XU fall 2015. 

AGENT: Chris Pickering