the brothers rana are two very busy dudes. sammi, who lives in austin,tx, keeps himself busy with his dog, bill, his labyrinthine line art, the explosive world of mango connoisseuring, and his solo ear rollercoaster project, selfie. while burgers, who resides in brooklyn, ny, drums in the lush-shine psych outfit, scully, assembles effect pedals at death by audio, and does visual & light work for noisers, a place to bury strangers. but when the two get together the undoubtedly solid brother connection is in full force with the numerators. after a string of singles & 7”s, numerous tapes, and multiple demo sessions the brothers are finally ready to release, Strange, 10 sun-scorched tracks, somewhere on the spectrum of kraut-scuzz & country-fuzz, about feeeling weird, transmuting nights of excess, and bill, the dog. inspired by david fair's, of half japanese, mini-manifesto on how to play the guitar, the numerators are ever climbing rock n rolls highest mountain - “the idea isn’t to feel foolish. the idea is to put a pick in one hand and a guitar in the other and with a tiny movement rule the world.” 

AGENT: Chris Pickering