MPHO - Brooklyn, NY




"Built A Fire" from MPHO's new EP, T.I.G.H.T. Created by the hands of Mark Perro, Holly Overton and Russell Hymowitz.

Having witnessed his ingenious musical abilities and quick wit in the studio, I asked Mark Perro to produce 2 songs in May of 2014. Both living in Bushwick and unemployed for the Summer, we absorbed this freedom by cultivating ideas and jamming with people, leading to much more than our original collaborative intent. When good friend and neighbor “married to the music” collaborator Russell Hymowitz brought us an undeniably fitting bass riff, our groove locked in as MPHO.

We’ve released 2 EP’s and enjoy frequently performing, recording, jamming, DJing, creating and hanging. Self-described as ‘’time and space dance music,’’ we are the sound of driving drum machine beats, wailing guitar, sonic synth waves, soulful bass, and heartfelt vocals.
— Holly Overton of MPHO