Future Punx are a Post­Wave band from Brooklyn, NY, formed in late 2012. In a short amount of time they have earned a reputation as one of NYC’s best live acts. Along with a pleasing aural experience, attention to all aspects of their live presentation (visuals, lights, costumes, etc) has elevated their sets to epic status. Though Future Punx are very much a New York band, their origins go back to the DIY punk scene of Denton, TX, to associated acts the Wax Museums, Teenage Cool Kids and Fergus & Geronimo. Eventually relocating to NYC and starting the Dull Tools label (Teenage Cool Kids, Parquet Courts Yuppies etc,), Fergus & Geronimo were rendered inactive with the rapid success of Parquet Courts; so the remaining members of the F&G lineup formed Future Punx. Through their presence as a band and by releasing some of the great new bands from the New York scene on their Dull Tools imprint (PC Worship, Pill, Eaters) the gang have become not only musical tastemakers locally but also have the attention of the international music community. So far they’ve released two 7”s (their debut 999/Livin’ in a Movie single on Dull Tools & a split with Parquet Courts on LAMC) as well as a 12” (I’m so Inspired EP on Dull Tools). With such small output so far from such a big presence in the Brooklyn scene, the world eagerly awaits the next offering from Future Punx.